Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Part-time Jobs and Portfolio career"- A new approach to career planning

Why pick up only one job when you could have two or three?
It is predicted that over 50% of jobs would be something other than full-time.There will be increase in the number of part time, flexitime, temporary and self employed options. A lot of people are inclined to portfolio working. Why a portfolio career?
A portfolio career gives you the opportunity to try three of four types of work at the same time and option to keep switching choices until you come up with a portfolio you like.
For people in their 20s and 30s, a portfolio career is a means of self discovery and protecting their quality of life. A portfolio career is not yhe same thing as holding down three bad jobs and wishing you could figure out what to do with yourself. Rather, it is a scheme you pursue purposefully and positively, as a way to achieve financial or personal goals or a mixture of both. Here you can enjoy greater security since you do not put all your eggs in the proverbial basket. But it is not just older workers who are tapping into the potential of leading multiple working lives. The Electronic Recruiting Exchange, and American online source of news and analysis in the recruiting world, reports that a third of new workers are looking for alternatives to full time employment. Certain fields, such as the arts and academia, lend themselves freely to portfolio career.
Yet, a portfolio career comes with its challenges. You are not locked into one employer so you are at lower risk of your career crashing through redundancy. But it still takes a leap of faith and sometimes imagination to say goodbye to conventional work and ensure that you are not under or over employed. There can be huge financial and emotional insecurity to having so many strands to your work. Time management is a huge issue and it is very hard to ever walk away from your work.
All said and done, pursuing several careers simultaneously can help you find your dream job quicker.